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Recreate a simple and stylish “Dia de los muertos” look for Halloween

Want a Halloween look that gives the wow effect? We have chosen the theme “Dia de los muertos” or “Day of the Dead” as it is called in English. The Mexican celebration is colorful and spectacular, and it’s the perfect inspiration for dressing up. Check out the video Angelina made for Styletalk and follow the four steps to recreate the style.

Step 1: Preparations
Put your hair up so it doesn’t get in the way while you apply your make-up. I have used “clippers”, but you can also use regular clips, bobby pins or hair clips. Then apply eye pads to reduce any bags under the eyes, and provide moisture and nourishment to the delicate skin around the eyes. Apply a lip mask or a good lip balm and let it soak in a bit before starting with the eyes.

Step 2: The eyes
Apply a light base to the lids, I’ve used the color circled below. Then apply a darker color (black or grey) and finally glitter eyeshadow. After you’ve got the eyeshadow “smooth” and it’s shimmering nicely, create “wings” on each eye. At the very end, draw your brows.

Step 3: The face
Remove the eye pads, and remove excess eye shadow around the eyelid with cotton. Now it’s time for some face cream. It is important to have a good moisturizer that absorbs well into the skin. Then put on a foundation that suits your skin tone. Smooth it well around the shins, forehead and neck.

Make a line from about a little above the ear, and all the way down to the chin on both sides. This is a sketch of the cheekbones, and should illustrate a skeleton. Then make two small lines in the middle of the nose, that is your nasal skeleton, as shown in the picture below. Shade around the outlined areas with eyeshadow. It will give a nice 3D effect. The eyeshadow to go with this is the dark one used in step two.

Apply glitter glue to the face along the cheekbones with a brush first and then glitter. The amount of glitter you have to feel a bit forward with, and apply as much or as little as you are comfortable with. But having that said, it’s the glitter that gives the look the wow factor!

Step 4: The hair
Style the hair and give it some volume. I have used a straightener to create loose curls. The hair wreath I have on my head is made from a black garland to stay true to the Halloween style, but a colorful wreath or headband is just as nice.

Good luck and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

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All the make-up I have used is from Normal and garlands are from Nille (not sponsored).

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