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Oslo Fushion Festival : 6 days with art and fashion

Fushion Oslo 2021 is a fashion and art festival combined, including what was formerly known as Fushion and Oslo Runway.

“We are thrilled to present a program with some of Oslo’s most innovative artists and designers, people and brands like Oslo Runway, Collective Oslo, Sorgenfri Artwear and the artist Ali Shah Gallefoss. Our aim is to plant Oslo solid on the map as a cultural destination to be reckoned with” says Elin Carlsen, CEO of Oslo Fushion Festival.

Elin Carlsen, CEO of Oslo Fushion Festival. Photo: Fredrik Austad

The festival starts on the 24th of August and according to the program we’re promised a wide specter of  fashion and style related happenings like talks, debates, exhibitions, and runway shows in Oslo city center – Oslobukta.

At a time when the world is battling a global pandemic as well as facing a rapid climate change and important social movements have set the order of the day, we are witnessing a more socially engaged fashion crowd. Under the slogan “From Maker to Change Maker” Oslo Fushion are supporting Copenhagen Fashion Week’s Sustainability Action Plan to make the industry more transparent and responsible. All participating brands must answer a big questionnaire about their production and work ethics.

Norwegian-Somali model Ceval – a symbol of much needed change. Photo: Styletalkmagazine

Activism have long since blended into the world of influencers and new style icons have risen – like the Norwegian-Somali model Ceval, who made history when she was featured as the first black trans plus size model in British Vogue and on the website With her amazing looks she’s also become a symbol of change in fashion towards a more diverse attitude. Let’s hope it’s more than just a trend, because the business is going to need a lot of big changes in order to stay relevant for consumers. And influencers like Ceval is leading the way.

As the world has opened up, Oslo Fushion 2021 offers a variety of both digital as well as live happenings, with runway shows from Celine Aagaard’s Envelope and Fam Irvoll – the last an eclectic and hugely popular Oslo based designer whose collection “Like Before, Baby” is her first after a few years break.

Fam Irvoll, an Oslo-based designer whi is much loved for her playful take on design. Photo: Oslo Fushion Festival

For Styletalk it’s also great to see female entrepeneur Anette Miwa Dimmen and her label AWAN is taking part this time, and you can read our in-depth feature on this one-woman powerhouse designer here. The full program for the festival can be seen here.

AWAN, sustainable cool and the brainchild of Anette Miwa Dimmen.

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