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Sustainable and unique fashion? Yes, please!

In 2017, Alexandra Hartmann started the French-Danish brand Hôtel Vetements. When she came across some discarded curtains outside a Paris hotel, she was inspired to give them new life as clothes. Hence the name, Hôtel Vetements, which means hotel clothing.

The fabrics used are full of history and quality craftsmanship, some dating all the way back to the 19th century, like some embroidered silk curtains sourced from the Ritz Hotel in Paris. They only use curtains, but also tablecloths, upholsteries, handmade embroidery and more, and everything is handpicked. These treasures turn into new garments, made by hand in Belleville in Paris and in

Hôtel Vetements creates fashion that tells a story, pieces that are sustainable and unique. Fabrics that would otherwise end up in a landfill, get a new life. The main collection consists of jackets, blouses and shirts for women, but they also so a couple of pieces for children, alongside sleeping masks.

In addition to several outlets in Denmark, Hôtel Vetements can be found at Harvey Nichols in London, Les Galeries Lafayette in Paris and in Tokyo and Hong Kong, and online:

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