Are you H&Ms new Queen?

Fall is lurking just around the corner – it is inevitable and we might as well just make the best of it. H&M tackles the challenge with a new line of wearable and warm styles in their H&M Studio’s AW21-collection. Combining energetic bodysuits and leggings, oversized tailoring with second-skin knitwear, glamorous crystal-studded accessories and streetwise loungewear in a way that is wearable and fun they want to appeal to new generations of style queens.

We were inspired by modern women who can command power in any situation, whether they’re wearing a pinstriped suit or lace underwear. We wanted to create versatile designs that you can style to suit your mood, but that always hit you in the solar plexus – these are statement-making designs for confident women,” says Linda Wikell, Concept Designer for H&M Studio.

Fierce, unapologetic and pioneering they claim…but, what do you think? Any queens out there have an opinion? Check some of the key pieces below and let is know what you think.

All photos: H&M

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