Minnie Oh: I love fashion that makes me smile

Five style questions with Minnie oh, ARTIST

Minnie Oh, artist and songwriter behind the song “Homesick” loves a bold style both on and off stage. She’s more into creativity and playful statement pieces than expensive labels and loves fashion that puts a smile on people’s faces including her own. Her favorite hunting ground for clothes, shoes and accessories is Instagram and the shops of smaller indie labels.

Styletalk: How would you describe your style?

Minnie Oh: “Colorful and playful. Hopefully a style that makes you happy when you see me. I used to dress in a lot of black and then go massively overboard on jewelry and accessories. But now I’m more relaxed and comfier in my own skin and have grown fond of wearing bright garments in colors, often also mixing bold prints.”

Styletalk: Has mainstream fashion gone out of fashion, being stuck with old ideas and ideals?

Minnie Oh: ” Yea, when I was younger I always felt fashion was reserved for slim people. I was always larger than average and felt marginalized by the cool mainstream designers as I could never fit into their clothes. That’s why I started experimenting and developing my signature style piling on layers of jewelry and using funky bags and pieces I found humorous. It was my fashion revenge. I didn’t need expensive labels but rather fun things – items with references to the eighties and nineties pop culture which brought back fond memories from my teens. I wore mostly black as a base color but as I got more confident also strong colors – which I love! It’s all about how you feel about yourself. Bold colors draw attention to the body, and old, outdated ideas about body shape and beauty were barriers I had to overcome even in my own head.”

Styletalk: Baggy or tight clothes?

Minnie Oh: ” Both. It’s all about feels. Some days when I don’t feel too confident baggy feels safer. But being a plus size person I advocate wearing tight figure-hugging styles as often as possible. But during lockdown I admit it’s been a lot of comfy, baggy sweats.”

Styletalk: How does clothes affect you mentally?

Minnie Oh: ” I feel happier and get more positive vibes if I take care and dress up, groom, and look after myself. When I am happy and feel good about how I look I think people notice, because that’s normally when I get compliments. To strut down the street in a funky outfit really makes my heart sing. If someone says something nice it’s a total ego boost.”

Styletalk: Is your style always an expression of who you really are, or do you like to play dress up and transform into someone else now and then?

Minnie Oh: ” Depends on where I’m heading. My daytime style is me. But if I’m going to a club or a party I like to dress outrageous as my alter ego party animal. It’s not for the faint hearted and not too good in daylight, but for a club it’s perfect.”

Styletalk: How do people normally react to your style?

Minnie Oh: “Almost always very positive. The best times is when someone I never in a million years would enjoy my style stops and compliments me. Take my hair, it was bright yellow for a long time, and that got a few comments. I have had people yell from across the street: “Cool hair!” If anyone worries about people giving them shit I get it – but I must say majority of my experiences have been positive.”

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