Men’s fashion is not dull

If style icons like Harry Styles and Lil Nas X have taught us anything it is that men’s fashion does not have to be boring. Hey – it doesn’t even have to be particularely masculine og stylish. If you think having a penis is an excuse to hide away in a corner wearing navy blue and grey you are SO out of touch. Dior’s knits for the season is a great addition to any modern dandy’s wardrobe, and why not take some styling tips from the best dressed men out there? They look amazing – for those among you guys who dare to bend the rules a bit.

Check out rapper Lil Nas X – a man who rocks a cowboy hat and plastic flipflops worn together! This is the dude who gave you devil worship and bloodied sneakers as well, so do not ever mistake him for being conflict shy when it comes to styling.

And if Harry Styles has taught us anything it is that frumpy is the new edgy: wear that classic pearl necklace you inherited from your grandmother with a lacy blouse beneath a colourful knit. And always remember: sequins is a man’s best friend.

H&M’s Simone Rocha-collab is like a leaf out of Harry Styles’ book of dressing, and proves that even the highstreet shops recon it’s time for men to step up their action, ditch old habits and go bold with their styling. And celebrate spring!

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