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Disco nights with Dior

The fall looks bright at Dior. After a year with home offices and isolation what do we need? A party! This must have been on Dior’s chief designer Maria Grazia Chiuri’s mind when she designed the fashion house’s pre-fall collection for 2021.

The collection was revealed for 1000 invited guests during Shanghai Fashion Week, at a gigantic venue in Shanghai’s Long Museum. The collection literally bursts of colour and playful whimsy, key words are metallics, glitter, leopard prints, tulle and neon, dico balls, pop and esthetics not seen since eighties music videos.

According to the Dior house Chiuri’s inspired both by street fashion as well as art, and the works of british pop artist Richard Hamilton and the slightly more acidic new futurism of Marco Lodola. A coat in the iconic leopard print, one of Monsieur Dior’s hallmark designs, features among the emblematic pieces. Spotted effects radiate in a range of fluorscent hues, silver embroidery punctuates pink tulle.

The shows lineup was followed by performances by chinese superstars singer Joey Jung and rockband Black Panther. Hate it or love it but it is what we need now: some carefree fun!

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