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Dr. Martens gets a touch of Japan

Call them bower boots, work boots or shoes – no matter what you call them Dr. Martens spells “rebel” to me.


2020 Dr. Martens marked their 60 year’s anniversary. The jubilee was celebrated by dropping a special limited-edition model of the boot every month. And collabs were made with other brands like Bape, Marc Jacobs, Needles and Medicom Toy who did a Be@rbrick-model. But – the best was saved for last: in December Mastermind Japan released their version.

You may remember this: Dr. Martens is knockin’ 60

The hyper-exclusive Japanese brand who is known for selling T-shirts, jackets and knits for thousands and thousands of pounds per piece – all emblazoned with their trademark skull & bones-logo – a logo that has become quite a headache for founder Masaaki Homma as it is too similar to that of another Japanese brand, Roen.

Anyways, MMs collab with Dr. martens is a version of the classic 1460-model.

MM Japan’s style is a combo of street, runway, and punk with handcrafted details – and it shows. Here you have zippers, silver, and large logos – yet within the style of Dr.Martens.

And if you wonder: the exclusive, limited edition boots – only 1460 pairs were made- were sold out only minutes after release. If you crave a pair it is still possible to buy on eBay but be prepared to pay 400 dollars or more.

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