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Party like it’s 2020: Corona can kiss my sparkly ass!

It’s 2020 – and lonely party girls want to sparkle! So says clothes designer Anette Ousdal and jewelry designer Erica Mathiesen –  the creative brains behind the fashion label Pas Passé. They claim there is no reason not to glam ourselves up, even if we are just parting at home, staying safe through the party season.

Despite the pandemic and the fact, we will all be social distancing this Xmas they have designed a glitzy glam party collection for December. The collection is aptly named «The Lonely party Girl», since so many of us will most likely spend the annual xmas parties online in virtual meeting spots like Zoom and Teams.

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«The new collection has loads of pearls and embellishments, we just love  rhinestones, sequins, bows and velvety textures. All the things you want for a glitzy party season. Our signature is vintage pearls. More is more – that’s so us» says Anette and Erica.

This year we have to party like it’s 2020. What than means is many of us will most likely be spending our annual get-togethers in tiny groups or alone with our pcs logged in to virtual chatrooms like Zoom and Teams. «But we had already planned this collection before lockdown and didn’t want it to become just another thing that got cancelled» says Anette. They decided to brave it, even have a bit of fun with the designs and encourage us all to glam it up a notch even if we’re just at home.

«We named the collection «The Lonely Party Girl» seeing as we most likely will be doing the annual parties alone in front of a screen or in small groups of close friends. It is important to take pride in your style and shine a little even if you are just at home. Long live social media where you can potentially sparkle for the whole world» says Anette.

A passion for vintage fashion and sustainability brought the two designers together. Doing re-design came naturally. «We hunt vintage boutiques, secondhand shops, online markets and even our mother’s wardrobes for treasures. Travelling abroad always offers great opportunities for bargains but this year well, you all know the drill. But we are pleasantly surprised of what we can find locally as well», says Anette.

Today they have a shop with several other female entrepreneurs at Aker Brygge, a luxury shopping district in Oslo. The shop’s called The Pop Shop and will be open until the end of January next year. In addition, they sell through Instagram at @pas_passe_

2020 has been annus horribilis for the fashion industry. Global industry networks have long been aware the need for change to more sustainable production and business models, but no one thought the revolution would be forced upon them overnight. COVID-19 19 changed all that. Amid uncertainty, brands, retailers, and other fashion-industry players must act strategically to capitalize on sustainability and digital opportunities. According to McKinsey the companies who put sustainability first will be the ones best equipped to survive in these most uncertain times. Shopping locally is part of this thinking, which hopefully will help many small business owners as well as big retailers survive the pandemic. Anette and Erica claim they notice that people have take this message seriously.

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«We’ve noticed that people are more interested in local shopping and to support small businesses. And as our travel budgets have shrunk to a minimum, people have more money to spend other things», says Anette Ousdal to Styletalk.

All photos: Pas Passé

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