5 style questions with Jenny Skavlan

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Jenny Skavlan has released a new capsule collection in collab with Pierre Robert – great mix-and-match pieces in 100 percent wool that are comfortable to wear and nicely priced too.  «I designed a low-key collection consisting of pieces you can mix and match, in colors like olive, tan grey and black. I tend to score high on masculine qualities if I take personality tests, so  when it comes to clothes I prefer to emphasis a more feminine silhouette» says Jenny to Styletalk.

Photo: Renate Torseth

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Now, Jenny Skavlan is a style icon for many, so we thought it was time to ask her Styletalk’s 5 style questions:

Styletalk: How would you describe your style?
Jenny: «I love timeless classics and neutrals. Even though I like to follow trends I’m not at all one for jumping on every fad that comes along. So, when I do follow a trend I try to do my own twist on it, make it my own. I obsess over materials, they must be good natural linen, silks and wool.»

Jenny 1
Photo: Renate Torseth

Styletalk: Which one garment would you never ever wear?
Jenny: «Wow, that is hard! I mean, you may think you’d not ever wear a bolero and bam! – it’s back in style. Bucket hats, bum bags, you name it – you might think you hate it but suddenly warm to it. And I think I have worn it all. Well perhaps not neon and fluorescent colors, you’d never see me wear that. I think, he he. Come arrest me if I do.»

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Styletalk: You are a style icon to many but who’s your style icon?
Jenny: «Wow I get lost in daydreams when I look at old pictures of Jane Birkin. Her seventies look was amazing. So relaxed, with a touch of frenchness without being conceited. Looking at her inspires me.»

Jenny 2
Photo: Renate Torseth

Styletalk: You are a famous francophile, what is typically French to you?
Jenny: «The French woman in my mind loves timeless, classy clothes. This is my take on it, I’m not saying all French women dress like this, you probably find some shopaholic monsters wearing neon pink there too. But the ones I visualize prefers a small, functioning capsule wardrobe consisting of well-chosen pieces that all work together. She’s not excessively flamboyant, but prefers to dress in wool and silk, jeans, luxurious shirts, cashmere coats and stripy tops. And she has no need to constantly change her look.»

Styletalk: Do you and your husband ever swap clothes?
Jenny: «Yes! All the time. And I am lucky enough to have a man who wears sizes small enough for this to be possible, even though he does complain women have so many more options when it comes to clothes. Guys are kind of stuck with pants or jeans and sweaters or shirts. But he gets his revenge when he plays concerts, then he can occasionally indulge and don a cool glitzy jumpsuit!»

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We went to Jenny Skavlan’s crafts workshops and let her persuade us to design a cool personalized piece out of one of her T-shirts. Here is the result.

Jenny with Styletalk’s design. Photo: Styletalkmagazine


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