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Fam and Helene designs sustainable fashion

Designer Fam Irvoll (43) and former snowboarder and TV-presenter Helene Olafsen (33) have started a design collaboration and the result is the brand Daae Studio.

On Thursday evening, they hosted a show during the Norwegian fashion week. The design duo surprised with a colorful collection well adapted to the Scandinavian market: sweatshirts with sparkly decor, quilted jackets with matching skirts and shorts, knitwear with embroidery, dresses with ruffles, large prints and sequins, swimsuits with matching accessories. These clothes will work come sun or shit weather, the latter not unusual in Scandinavia.

Designer Fam Irvoll’s trademark has always been high energy and diversity. And with Daae she sticks to her guns: friends, artists and celebrities mingled on the catwalk Thursday night in a show completely free of strict posing, and good vibes only. The idea of the model as a sales mannequin has no place here. Instead we are encouraged to observe the people wearing the clothes, the people producing the clothes, not just the product. It is especially obvious as the designers bring out their entire backstage staff on the runway and applauds them at the finale. As the fashion business must become more sustainable, traceability is nessesary. That means transparency in sharing information about everything from supply chains, business practices, raw materials and their associated impacts on all the workers, communities and the planet as a whole. For Irvoll and Olafsen it seems to be as important as the products themselves.

At Daae Irvoll and Olafsen only use high-quality textiles that make the garments durable. According to the Daae webpage all materials are made from recycled plastic and dead materials, as well as clean and environmentally friendly materials such as organic cotton, to further reduce the impact on the planet. Every design is made in small batches to avoid waste, overproduction and overconsumption.

“We want our customers to make informed choices, which is why you will find the material composition for each piece on every product page” says Irvoll and Olafsen.

All runway photos: Styletalkmagazine

Portrait by kind permission of DAAE.

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