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Oslo’s best designer brand right now: Envelope1976

We were looking forward to seeing Envelope1976’s show at Oslo Runway, and we were not disappointed! The collection – 42 looks in black and white with touches of fur and sequins, leather and wool – was applauded by a star studded audience in a parking garage at Sørenga in Oslo city centre.

The keywords for Envelope1976 are sustainability, minimalism and black and white: Envelope1976 is undoubtedly the very best Norwegian design has to offer. Designer Celine Aagaard believes it is crucial to change the attitude to production and consumption in the fashion industry. Envelope1976’s DNA is therefore based on a choice of materials, design and color palette that is timeless, environmentally conscious and natural.

Envelope1976’s collections are timeless yet fashionable and can be worn in many different ways. These are pieces you can build a wardrobe on, without having to throw away or buy new ones every season.

“It’s not just the material that can affect the life of a garment, it’s also important that the design lasts and that you can discover new ways to style your garments. Envelope is about designs that are made to last. They don’t follow the seasons, and believe that it’s not necessary to follow the seasons to be fashionable, conscious and stylish,” concludes founders Celine Aagaard and Pia Nordskaug on the Envelope1976 website.

All photos above: Styletalkmagazine

Below: @igwstudios/Oslo Runway

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