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5 questions with Lisa Lopez

Lisa Lopez works as a women’s coach and teaches meditation techniques to change the subconscious mind so that you can let go of what is holding you back from creating more happiness, freedom and success.

 “The focus is on letting go of inner limitations and thought patterns that conflict with the life you want to create and the goals you want to achieve. Teaching this is one of my greatest passions,” she says.

Her job takes her around the world and she is currently in Hong Kong. With so much travel, she has become an expert at packing her suitcase.

“I have an active but chic lifestyle, which my style reflects, and post some of this on social media, with the intention of motivating and inspiring others to live the lives they deep down want to live,” she says.

Style talk: How would you describe your style?

Lisa Lopez: My style is playful, timeless and chic. In the morning I often run errands in tights, crop top and sneakers with a coffee in hand. I often combine a basic outfit with exquisite bracelets and jewelry – I feel this adds a timeless elegance to an otherwise simple outfit. In the evening, you’ll find me in dresses that accentuate curves and body shape, combined with playful sneakers for comfort and a more relaxed energy in an otherwise formal setting.

Style talk: Ant tips for a smart travel wardrobe?

Lisa Lopez: Since I travel a lot and usually don’t take more than one suitcase, I make sure to pack basic pieces that can be combined in different ways. Suddenly you have many more outfits available, using different styling such as bags or shoes.  If I travel to countries that have a different culture, religion and customs than we have in Norway, I make sure to bring at least two shawls that I can easily cover my shoulders with to respect their culture. Good and stylish sneakers are also a must.

Style talk: Who is your style icon?

Lisa Lopez: I draw inspiration from people I see when I travel. Whether it’s a chic woman sitting next to me on the plane or a style icon walking past me on the street in Miami or Hong Kong. Often I go into the feeling of the woman I want to be and ask myself what garments will highlight these inner qualities I carry.

Style talk: Which piece from your wardrobe can you not live without?

Lisa Lopez: A piece I can’t live without would have to be an Hermes shawl I’m very fond of. I always have it with me when I travel and use it in cold airports and for everyday outfits if I need to stay a bit more formal.

Style talk: Where do you shop?

Lisa Lopez: I like to shop at Aloo, Lululemon, Bulgari, LV and Gucci. As well as supporting local up and coming brands in the destinations I travel. I always look for high quality materials when shopping and prefer quality over quantity.

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