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Triana Iglesias: – Colors make me happy

This beauty turned 40 this year. She is best known for her role as host of the Norwegian Paradise Hotel, but she has been involved in a lot of other fun stuff as well. In a number of music videos, Norwegian Dancing With the Stars, and model on the cover of a number of magazines to name a few. We at Styletalk are curious about Triana’s style journey so we asked her some questions.

Styletalk: Your mom Pilar Iglesias runs the exclusive store Den Dama at Frogner in Oslo. Has it affected your style?

Triana: Yes, I would definitely say that my mom has influenced me. I grew up with a mother who loved fashion. Vouge magazine was available at our home all the time. She inspired me to be creative with clothes and showed me how to create my own expression instead of just imitating what i saw in the magazines, in the stores, and on others.

Styletalk: Since 2009 and through 15 seasons, you led the Norwegian audience through Paradise Hotel. How much of the styling did you decide for yourself?

Triana: I didn’t pick out much of the styling on Paradise through the seasons. There have been different stylists who have put together the outfits. Especially in the beginning, and in the first seasons there were themes to follow. But the last few seasons I was more involved and I were on fittings to try and approve everything. The stylist Caroline Skjelbred (from Norwegian Elle), who is also my dear friend, styled the last few seasons. She is incredibly talented and absolutely fantastic to work with.

Styletalk: What do clothes do to you mentally?

Triana: I dress according to my mood, and clothes definitely helps to set a mood on me. I like to play with styles and often dress for a vibe I seek. Colors and patterns are important when I dress. Colors make me happy. It´s very rare to see me in something black. I actually own very little black clothes.

Styletalk: You have got a number of tattoos over the years. How do they affect your style?

Triana: I don’t really think about my tattoos anymore, they have become a part of me, so i don’t feel that they affect how I dress. Sometimes I think about it if I wear something very cute, i see that the tattoos can rock up the outfit. Some people probably think that it spoils the look. But, I like it.

Styletalk: What is your proudest fashion moment, and what look do you wish you never dressed in?

Triana: I can’t remember a particular fashion moment. But, I feel that there is a small period in the early 2000s, where I may not have been completely ok with the look today. But, I liked what I was wearing back then, and it is important to try stuff and make mistakes as well. Regardless: low and pointed kitten heel boots in gold, camo pants with chain belts and mesh tops. That’s stuff I do not need to wear again. (Thanks for the inspo for that look, Gwen Stefani!).

Styletalk: You became a mother for the first time last year, how has that affected your clothing style?

Triana: Becoming a mom has not really affected my style much. Only a little when I got pregnant. At the end of the pregnancy I used some black basic clothes (which I otherwise never wear), mostly tights and stretch dresses, under patterned and colored coats and jackets. But, after I gave birth, I went back to dressing in “normal” clothes. My bags however have become larger, and they get quickly filled up with things like wet wipes and small toys.

Styletalk: Who and what inspires you?

Triana: I’m inspired by so much. Among other things, film, art and music. Comics and toys, especially from the 80s and 90s. I love to let different epochs inspire me, and feel a deep connection with styles from the renaissance and the 50s. Love the colors, the style and the whole vibe you get from looking at fashion, art and photos from that time.

Styletalk: Has your Spanish origins influenced your style?

Triana: It has affected me a lot. I see that I have a lot after how my mother has taken the Spanish feminine way of dressing over me since I was a little girl. One of my biggest style inspirations is Pedro Almodovar. Interior and clothes from his movies are absolutely perfect! This is exactly what feels right for me. I love it!

Styletalk: Finally, Triana, can you tell our readers where to make your best bargains of clothes, shoes and makeup?

Triana: I like to shop second-hand so I shop online, markets, flea markets and second-hand shops. When I travel, I always set aside time to go to markets. I borrow clothes from my boyfriend and inherit some from my mother. Finn and Tise are great places to shop in Norway, and Ebay from abroad, if you know what you are looking for. Otherwise, of course, I shop at my mom’s store Den dama.

All photos: Triana Iglesias

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