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Redesign inspired by 80’s ballroom culture in New York

Norwegian duo Anette Ousdal and Erica Mathiesen – the brains behind the label Pas Passé is launching a new spring collection named P O S E – inspired by New York’s ballroom culture of the eighties.

Think glitz, fringes, sazzy posing and vogueing – bold silhuettes, vibrant colors and makeup that oozes glamour. Their trademark is re-design of vintage pieces, giving life to secondhand clothes with sassy details.

“We were inspired by the LGBTQ scene in New York in the 1980s and 1990s after watching the Netflix series “Pose” from which we also took the name of the collection. We love the vibe of the ballrooms in New York where voguing was created, and underground icons like Blanca, Prey Tell and all the love and “families” of the clubs, The Mothers, Elektra, the drag scene, daring to be your true self in spite of the constant the struggle.” says Ousdal and Mathiesen.

The styling of this period is well known for it’s over the top fashion and jewelry.

“The collection consists of vintage jackets, suits, shirts and blazers, which we have sewn on and given a new life. Fringes, rhinestones and bling, everything is extra and fab. All the garments are bought second-hand in Norway, where the fabrics are of good quality” says Ousdal and Mathiesen.

The collection is for sale on Pass Passé’s website and in our studio in Oslo.

Photos: @tales_by_nature and @chriscaspmedia

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