Dark diva: Charlotte loves vintage glam

“Give me glamour any day of the week!” says makeup-artist and model Charlotte Sandodden.

Name: Charlotte Sandodden

Instagram: @bluedahliaa


Charlotte Sandodden loves vintage glamor, pulp fiction and the aesthetics of film noir and the golden age of Hollywood. A certified makeup artist she enjoys styling herself like some of her favourite stars from the fifties and sixties, playing with strong, dramatic makeup palettes to match her elegant outfits – you can see the result on her instagram. You may even be inspired to copy some of her looks for your new year’s style.

Styletalk: Describe your style.

Charlotte: “I’m very fond of the golden age of Hollywood and the fifties, with gold, leopard print and everything that goes with it. I also love goth styles. It’s fun to create my own expression by combining elements from these subcultures and I shop a lot online from abroad, such as the store La Femme en Noir. The few times when I shop in Norway, it’s at Manillusion at Grünerløkka in Oslo.

Styletalk: Do you have a favorite color?

Charlotte: “A lot of black as a basic color, and definitely gold and leopard print, mostly on accessories. But I do have a leopard-patterned winter coat – “Pearl Coat” from Collectif – which I bought at Manillusion, which gets me a lot of attention.

Styletalk: Describe your everyday makeup and your party face.

Charlotte: “Every day? Oh, that means full foundation, concealer, contour, blush – the whole shebang. So, it is a bit of a process, but I have been doing this for so long I only spend perhaps a quarter of an hour to finish. I adore dark, matte lips and have about 70 different lipsticks. Many of them are from the brand Anastasia which I like. They fit very well, especially a shade called Dusty Rose. Other favorite lipstick brands are Kylie and Lime Crime. For parties and clubbing I love to go all out and do all the above plus adding fake lashes, a few dabs of glitter, and creating a fancy hairdo. Then I can spend anything from half an hour to an hour getting ready, but the process is half the fun. Sometimes I love to go all glam on an ordinary workday also, like for the Christmas and New Year’s party season. Then I apply red lipstick and a little extra glitter even for work. Now, all this does not mean I have to wear makeup, I can go out completely bare faced and hair in just a ponytail. But I feel much better when I make a bit of an effort.

Styletalk: Do you have a style icon?

Charlotte: “Oh yes, many! I am very inspired by Dita von Teese. And Mae West is on my list, I even had a tattoo of her made. Gypsy Rose Lee is also another of my icons, and I like the style from old horror movies like Dracula and Frankenstein – I find that esthetic very inspiring.

Styletalk: How long have you had a flair for vintage Hollywood?

Charlotte: “It started around 2010, with wearing very red lip stick and fully fashioned back seam stockings. But the seed must have been sown much earlier than that. My dad is very fond of Elvis, Marilyn Monroe and all the big stars from the fifties, and quite young I read some of his books that he collected. And my mums brother used to collect fifties stuff. I remember that his apartment was full of americana style objects, sixties furniture and entering was like stepping into another world. These two people has meant a lot to me and my tastes.

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