And Just Like That I cried like a baby


Have you ever caught yourself sopping in front of the TV at 7.00 am in the morning? Well, today that happened to me. All thanks to omicron I started my week with coffee and tv in my home office before work, tuning into the new SATC-series “And Just Like That”. For those of you who have not started watching yet I won’t reveal anything just conclude yep, it was bad. But in a good and rather horrible way. This commentary does however contain some spoilers for “Homeland” “Downton Abbey” “The Deuce” and “Grey’s Anatomy” – old, but for those who may not yet have watched any of these and plan to do so in the future – stop reading here!

But back to Carrie and her friends. I will readily admit I had dreaded a rendezvous with our girl gang from N.Y, much like one feels apprehensive about a high school reunion. Would we ever be able to get back to the way we were? And I will admit I cringed at the first few sequences – conversations which felt clumsy and staged, not to mention rolling my woke 2021 eyes at Miranda – she used to be the cool one!!! – staggering around like a middleclass racist fool making ignorant assumptions about the people around her. 20 minutes later – and bam!  I am sobbing over my coffee.

But I have cried over TV-series before.  Like when the creators of “Homeland” decided to do away with Peter Quinn (Rupert Friend). His death left me so sad and angry that I boycotted the show’s last season for 6 months before I caved in and watched the final. And the brutal life and infinitely sad suicide of young porn star Lori Madison (Emily Meade) in “The Deuce” left me so upset and sleepless I swore to never watch TV in bed again.

Mad, you say? Well, I am not alone. My friend revealed she quit watching “Downton Abbey” when Matthew (Dan Stevens) died, and ditto when McDreamy (Patrick Dempsey) was run over by a huge trailer after almost 11 years in “Grey’s Anatomy”.

When a Tv-show can move you to tears, doesn’t that mean it’s well done? Let that be a thought of comfort when you are hit with unpredictable and unfair horrors that feels just as painful as life itself. Just like that. 

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