Bolia’s autumn and winter collection creates soothing rooms and is designed to last

Interior trends come and go. But if there is one thing that has come to stay, it is the awareness of sustainability, and interior design that can be passed on from generation to generation. Something Bolia conveys with its new autumn and winter collection 2021.

The collection is inspired by the vibrant Scandinavian nature that surrounds us with changing seasons, soothing earth tones, refined details and natural materials.

For the first time, they offer a chair made of recycled plastic. The structures in armchairs and sofas, storage furniture, tables and shelves are made of solid oak, walnut and ash, and come in natural, oiled or stained surface treatment.

All products are FSC® certified. All leather is certified and traceable, made of the world’s best quality and guarantees transparency and animal welfare. is a design company with 68 stores in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria and France, and has online stores in 32 European countries. The head office is located in Aarhus, Denmark, and the history of the company goes back as far as 1862. In other words, they have been in the business for a lifetime.

There are many manufacturers and companies that use the term “sustainability” in a market context. But what do sustainability, raw materials and recycled materials really mean?

Styletalk asked Bolia some questions to get some clarity on the topic. Among other things, we wonder what concrete sustainable measures are required for a company in today’s society.

Styletalk: Can you name 3 things you do for a more environmentally friendly production?

Bolia: Sustainable choices are the starting point for the development of all new designs in our collection, and in particular we work with a more environmentally friendly production, and always use the best possible materials. FSC-certified wood, substances that are certified according to STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX-and as something new we are in collaboration with MyCela in the process of investigating the possibility of using the carbon-negative material, mycelium, to make beautiful design.

Styletalk: What measures do you have for recycling and sustainability?

Bolia: We work to become better and more sustainable every day, and recycling is something we look at a lot. In our collection we have i.a. a sofa, Recover (pictured above), which is made exclusively from recycled materials that can be recycled continuously throughout the year, and where it is also possible to recycle all the sofa’s components again. In addition, the new seat for the Seed chair (pictured below) is made from recycled plastic, and like all our designs, it has been tested to meet the very highest quality standards in collaboration with Bureau Veritas. A long service life is something we give high priority to – we therefore also give a 10-year guarantee on all the furniture.

Styletalk: What does FSC® certified mean? And why is it important?

Bolia: The fact that our wood is FSC®-certified ensures that it comes from sustainable forestry, where there is also a focus on good working conditions from the raw material to the final design.

Styletalk: Why do you think Scandinavian design has become so popular?

Bolia: Because it is beautiful, tactile, timeless and tasty for the eye that sees.

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