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If you are planning to buy a vintage bag, do the preparation properly first

There are many places to buy used bags from well-known designer brands. In addition to buying bags from vintage stores, you can make bargains online. The Internet is a treasure trove of vintage and second hand. But how do you really know that the item is genuine, and what should you look for when shopping second-hand?

Styletalk has asked Store Manager Alice Lunde in the online store some questions, to get tips on what to do before investing in an expensive design bag. And a little about how to treat it after purchasing.

Styletalk: Who is And why did you choose to start selling vintage bags?

Vintagequeen: Vintagequeen is a Norwegian online store that saw the light of day 4.5 years ago and was started on the basis of making it safer to buy used. There is a lot to choose from on the market and many traps to go in. For private purchases and sales, there are unfortunately few rights. Therefore, Vintagequeen was started, so that it would be easier for everyone to buy fine design goods without having to worry about being scammed. The choice fell on vintage bags and accessories as I think the selection of this in Norway was disappointingly poor.

Styletalk: How do you see the difference between real and fake designer brands? And do you have any tips on what to look for in a Chanel vs / Louis Vuitton?

Vintagequeen: After many years of experience, we are quite driven to see the difference between real and fake goods. When in doubt about authenticity, we use an outside company from abroad. For very expensive bags, we never consider a purchase without having it authenticated first. We use and can recommend them. Here you pay a few hundred kroner to get confirmation that the bag is genuine. They are good and fast. Remember not to take things for granted. When a seller says that the bag is genuine and everything comes with it, it may be far from the truth. Scammers do everything for money and give you the answers you want. Spend time researching the bag you are going to buy. Look at similar models that are for sale, google the bag and look extra carefully at details. All designer bags are expensive and exclusive for a reason. Skewed seams and logo, plastic and incomplete work characterize fake bags. Many designer bags have a serial number and this can be checked.

Styletalk: How do you find and choose items for the online store?

Vintagequeen: We have several partners in Norway and abroad. More and more people are also contacting us directly to sell their treasures to us.

Styletalk: Tips on how to take care of vintage treasures for as long as possible?

Vintagequeen: Leather bags must be regularly treated with leather conditioner, which can be bought at regular bag stores. Larger bags are a good idea to fill with pillows or similar to keep the shape better. Do not throw away your bag, take care of it and be afraid of it, it will last longer. Feel free to put it back in the dustbag when not in use, so it is protected from dust and light.

Styletalk: Which vintage bag is the most in demand?

Vintagequeen: By far the most popular bag is the Louis Vuitton Noe GM. A perfect bag for everything. Louis Vuitton in general is very popular.

Styletalk: One (or more) typical questions you ask from buyers?

Vintagequeen: Many buyers wonder where we get all the items from and if they are genuine.

Styletalk: What is the biggest challenge of running an online store in Norway?

Vintagequeen: The market in Norway is limited and many are still skeptical about buying used, although the green trend and reuse has made a big leap in Norway in recent years.

Styletalk: What is the goal for the next two years for

Vintagequeen: Our goal is to get bigger. Get even more items and a good selection in the store here.

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