Jana designs haute couture hair pieces, jewelry and turbans

JanaRoyale design is the go to net shop for couture hairbands, hairpieces and jewelry. The brain behind these sought after hair accessories is Jana Mayorova, who was born in Russia but moved to Norway when she was young.  These days she lives in Fredrikstad, a small town outside Oslo, but her family hails from Murmansk. It was there, as a young child she started dreaming about a career in fashion.

Jana Majorva’s design is elegant and sometimes also opulent and luxurious.

Jana: I remember I was watching tv while we still lived in Russia. I cannot have been more than 9 years old, and it was Easter when the haute couture designer Valentin Yudashkin had a runway show on tv. Easter is an important holiday in Russia and Yudashkin presented a parade of couture gowns shaped like eggs, embellished with gold and crystals. It was incredible and I was fascinated. Later I copied the designs for my Barbie dolls, whom I loved to design outfits for. So, you can say fashion design has always been in my blood.

Styletalk: You graduated from Esmod International College of Fashion in Oslo in 2011. Your ambition was to become a fashion designer?

Jana: Definitely. After graduation people would apply for jobs at the design departments of the big fashion chain stores. But they were all located in Oslo, and I had moved to Fredrikstad when I got married and it was too far to commute. So, I started up a small couture business here, but soon found out I had much more fun designing jewelry, hair pieces and bridal accessories. Then I could work with the materials I love – velvet and silk, crystals, lace, pearls, and feathers – and create small pieces that were easier to sell than full outfits. It was simply a more commercially sustainable business idea.

Styletalk: Who are your customers?

Jana: In the beginning I sold mostly to people abroad. Norwegians are understated in their tastes and even brides want a clen and simple look rather than opulence. Now, this might be changing somewhat, but I still find clients from abroad are more daring with their styles and love a bit of flamboyancy. I did design a hairband embellished with handmade silk flowers that got many likes online, even from Norwegian followers. Like the one that Ceci Johnson (picture below) bought. And this summer I sold quite a few hair wraps here at home, especially the turban wraps. They are popular in Norway. I am happy Norwegian women are embracing hats and turbans.

Styletalk: Are all your creations made by hand?

Jana: Absolutely. I apply many of the similar techniques that that are used by the ateliers in Paris who create for Dior and Chanel. Take my hairpieces with silk roses – all petals are pressed and created individually, there are no cheap store-bought flowers. The leather roses are pressed using a small heating iron and then cut. And my hairbands are blocked the same way milliners blocks hats. The result is a super comfy piece, no nasty plastic that squeezes your temples and gives you headaches.

Styletalk: do you prefer fashion or style?

Jana: Oh, style. It’s personal and lasting and says something deeper about your personality. The idea of changing trends and always having to buy new stuff is out on sell by date. It’s not sustainable. I could never buy expensive bags or shoes and swap them next season – when I buy something of good quality that I like, I wear it for decades.

Styletalk: Describe your style.

Jana: I love pinup style. Not polka dot- and cherry pattern overkill, but tailored dresses and pencil skirts that fits well and enhances the figure. Band-T-shirts and jeans are classics that never goes out of style, and you can always spice it up with a turban wrap or a funky hairpiece. I do not like the oversize and layered trend, the Scandinavian look that is so in vogue now. I prefer clothes that fits my body.

All photos by curtesy of Jana Mayorova

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