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Yeezy available at Gap

Text: Espen Hågensen Rusdal

So, it is true: Kanye West’s Gap-Yeezy collection is in the stores by the end of June. The collection consists of basics like T-shirts, sweaters, pants and accessories like backpacks and bags. And – finally the popular Foam Runners.

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Yeezy sale

The prices are supposedly much lower than  usual for Yeezy: 50 dollars for a bomber jacket is a ridiculously low price compare with what we have been accustomed to from this label.

So, Yeezy is going to save Gap?

The color palette is earth tones, as well as some bright colors – we already saw a bright blue hoodie. Yeezy’s debut at Gap has helped the chain considerably economically. The brand is expected to sell for around 150 million dollars in 2022, the first full Yeezy-year for the fashion chain. After years with declining sales, closing of stores, and letting go of staff all hopes are now placed on Kanye West’s brand. And the dream it is not completely off the rocker – in 2020 Adidas sold Yeezy sneakers for 1.7 billion dollars.

Photo: Instagram

So now it remains to be seen if even this merch will find its ways to eBay  and webpages like StockX for resales, demanding many times the original prices. It is very likely, as Gap is not globally available. Just as interesting of course is if hard core Yeezy-aficionados will take to the high street version of the brand or if it might hurt Yeezy as a world-wide coveted luxury brand?

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