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In April, Grace Coddington turned 80, and the former model and Creative Director of American Vogue has lived a life most people only dream of. This month’s book tip is her memoir “Grace: A Memoir.”

Until 2009 and the documentary “The September Issue”, only insiders in the fashion industry knew who she was, but after watching it, it was impossible to ignore this amazing woman.

Here she describes what it was like to work as a model with some of the greatest photographers of the time, before she changed careers and began working as a fashion editor at British Vogue in the late 1960s. We follow her across the Atlantic Ocean in 1988 when she moved to New York and to American Vogue.

She shares stories from the fashion world, but also from her private life. Like when she was in a car accident that almost ruined her modelling career, her two marriages and her sister’s death.

Grace Coddington is a woman of many talents, not only does she write in an engaging and personal way, but she has also illustrated the book. It’s from 2012, and a lot has happened since then, but she’s lived such an exciting life, the absence of the last ten years isn’t an issue.

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