The “Keeping up with the Kardashians” era is soon history – or at least the tv show is

Keeping Up With The Kardashians Season 1 teaser.

The adventure of the world-famous family started in October 2007. And now 14 years after, the last season of “KUWTK” no. 20 (!!!) is broadcasted on TV. A little melancholy, I think! People can say what they want about the show, but one thing is for sure it has been good entertainment. I have been a big fan from day 1! Most of all because they have taken us viewers on both ups and downs, and shown absolutely everything from family drama, divorces, gender transformation and a lot of family love as well. With momager Kris Jenner in charge they have also shown how they have created a bunch of companies with mega success. Just to name a few: “KKW Beauty By Kim Kardashian“, “Kylie Cosmetics & Kylie Skin“, “SKIMS By Kim Kardashian“, “Good American By Khloé Kardashian“, “POOSH By Kourtney Kardashian“, and the shop “Dash Boutiques By Kourtney, Kim, And Khloé “where it all started. There is no doubt this family will have enough bread on the table even if the series is taken off the air.

Bought this book online as soon as it came out in 2010. A lot has happened to the Kardashians since then!

Which family would you like to watch as a reality show next? What about the Melania Trump dynasty? I sure wouldn’t mind to see a little behind the scenes there!

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