Hermès Birkin Bag, Lady Dior and GG Marmont are the most Instagrammed designer bags

When it comes to designer bags, they can set us back quite a bit. So when we finally get the bag of our dreams it’s only right we show them off, right?

Interested in seeing which bag people have shared most on social media,  OnBuy’s Handbag Department did some digging and can now reveal all.

Topping the list is the Hermes Birkin bag, with a colossal 5,914,103 Instagram posts using the hashtag. Seen on the likes of the Kardashians and Olsens, the bag can cost up to £250,000 and has become an investment piece over the years.

Following behind in second is the Hermes Kelly bag with 5,451,995 posts currently on Instagram. Reported to have an average starting price of £6,000, it’s definitely the cheaper option of the two.

In third with a whopping 2,091,718 hashtags is the Dior Lady Dior bag. Despite having come out in 1994 it’s still a popular bag among many.

Among the slightly newer bags launched in 2016 is the Gucci GG Marmont which is the fourth most Instagrammed bag with 976,651 posts.

A decade after its release, the Chanel Boy bag is still one of our favourite designer bags with a current total of 849,059 posts. The fashionable accessory has become a staple among many bag collectors including Beyonce, Bella Hadid and Paris Hilton.

Completing the top 10 most Instagrammed designer bags are:

6th: Céline Trapeze bag – 659,694 hashtagged posts

7th: Gucci Dionysus bag – 646,880 hashtagged posts

8th: Dior Saddle bag – 558,122 hashtagged posts

9th: Chanel Flap bag – 532,139 hashtagged posts

10th: Givenchy Antigona bag – 529,079 hashtagged posts

On the other end and just making the top 20 is the Fendi Baguette bag with 121,254 posts. Coming in a range of colours, sizes and prints it’s no wonder why this bag is popular. Designed in 1997 it joins the league of older bags that have reached icon status.

With only one of their bags making the top 20, Marc Jacobs’s Snapshot bag takes 19th place (136,748 hashtagged posts). In 18th and 17th place is Louis Vuitton with the Alma (141,306) and Neverfull MM (161,667) joining the ranks of the most instagrammed bags.

Gucci find themselves among the list again with their Soho bag being the 16th most shared bag on Instagram. Much like them with multiple entries is Céline with the Belt bag (249,431) and Luggage bag (345,913) joining the trapeze in the top 20 in 15th and 12th place.

Source: Onbuy

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