Gucci entertains us through lockdown

“Ouverture of something that never ended” is a 7 part mini series directed by Gus Van Sant and Gucci creative director Alessandro Michele. See them on the Guccifest pages here. In a time when we runway shows are cancelled we’re so grateful for fashion designers, stylists, photographers and models who go to great lenghts to keep us informed and entertained online.

This mini-series – featuring the striking Silvia Calderoni – follow3s the actress through a week of more or less mundane tasks – like going to the post office. Yep – post offices – with real live human beings behind the counters (!!) was something we used to have before they were replaced with robotic pickup points, people. The videos vibes eccentricity and style and a lost-time-coolness that reminds us of old polaroid pictures. And Calderoni’s wicked outfits all have that flamboyant Gucci’s trademark. Hey, even the most akward mullet look poetic, and on top of that you have people like Harry Styles doing cameos.

Videos are no news to Gucci. Thet did it before – with their Cruise 2020 campaign they released this video titled “ComeAsYouAre_RSVP” directed by Harmony Korine with creative direction by Alessandro Michele and art direction by Christopher Simmonds. The video features Gucci Mane, Sienna Miller, and ‪Iggy Pop – inclusive uninhibited hedonism culminates in a party at a Roman villa with diverse characters as guests, epitomizing Gucci’s spirit according to Alessandro Michele. We are grateful for these things Gucci so keep them comming – with lockdown means we are all more or less bound to sit a lot in front of our pcs and we can only hope there will be more of this kind of small screen entertainment in the weeks and months to come.


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