Make-up queen Dajana Tomanovic has started an online store

Styletalkmagazine pulled the longest straw, and we got the pleasure of being a makeup model for Dajana and experienced her magic with the makeup brushes.

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Styletalk’s Dali (t.v.) and Dajana after the make-up session. Photo: Styletalkmagazine

She is turning 32 soon and has been working with makeup for almost 6 years. Now the makeup artist has started the online store/beauty blog, with the sale of products she uses in the makeup videos that is on the website and Instagram. Brilliant considering how easy it is to buy makeup to recreate a «look» you love!

The makeup adventure for Dajana started at the makeup school of the Tone Lise Academy. Since then, she has held internships on TV recordings, assisted on music videos, fashion photographs, released book, been chief judge of the TV series «Glow up» on TV 2, and has done makeup on many of Norway’s biggest celebrities. Yes, you name it, she’s done everything! So obviously the next step was an online store.

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Dajana’s book is available for purchase from both Ark and Norli.

In addition to the online store, she holds makeup classes. Because of covid-19, she had to think of new ways to have courses and offers them online instead. The course is exclusive and also provides a personal skin consultation from @christinestorstrom.

ST: Which two products do you always carry in your bag?
Dajana: Sun powder and lip gloss.

ST: What makeup style are you happy is over?
Dajana: Way too thin and dark brows. Because it’s not that flattering.

ST: If you have to choose, eyeliner or eyeshadow?
Dajana: Eye shadow, then I can easily create an eyeliner too.

ST: Bright red or neon pink lipstick?
Dajana: Bright red!

ST: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Dajana: I have many big dreams, but it must be that I am even more established abroad and got my own make-up collection.

If there is anyone you should follow for inspiration on how to put makeup on, we can definitely recommend Dajana. At least we’re a couple of makeup tricks richer!

Watch the make-up video on Instagram to see step by step.

dajana sminke 2
The makeup stays fine for many hours! Photo: Styletalkmagazine

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