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Working from home was just the start. As major salons and spas are closed you might as well go create your own home spa as well to give yourself a well-deserved luxurious treat during lockdown. And again, we like to stress you should all go support your local businesses who may not be able to work right now and order at home-products from them – like Invisibli.no.

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Invisibli is Oslo’s most popular salon for permanent makeup and beauty treatments, and owner Solvår Hegge and her staff must stay home now just like most others.

«But I’m not going to complain, I have lots to do during this crisis. But I’m not going to lie, I am looking forward to all this is over and I can get back to work and give our customers the treatments they deserve» she wrote on her Facebook profile recently. For the time being she is stocking up their net shop with all the goodies below. Styletalk asked her for recommendations for your do-it-yourself home spa.

sol hjemmekontor«As we’re facing spring and summer we better get ready to show some skin. A good massage using products with nothing, but natural ingredients is balm for both body and mind» says Solvår and recommends her fave brand Ripar Cosmetici, created by an Italian family of doctors, surgeons and beauticians. The Ripar family history is interesting and you can read it here.

Foto: Artem Labunsky

Massage lotion and oil is top shelf at-home lux and Solvår recommends Ripar Evergreen Massage Cream and Ripar Sweet Almond Oil – both designed to give your max moisture and firmness without leaving you feeling greasy.

«We use these at the clinic and its just as easy to use at home. The rich texture of the cream leaves your skin feeling firm and fresh and glowing healthy» says Solvår.

The oil is a luxurious concoction of almond oil that nourishes and and tones the skin. Use it on its own, daily or to prevent stretchmarks during pregnancy.

Photo by Hanna Postova

«The oil is easily absorbed into the skin and does not feel greasy at all. You may also use it in your hair, as sun protection as well as a protective wrap before shampooing. And add a few drops in your bath and it makes for the most luxurious spa bath» says Solvår.

«Facial peeling – gel or cream – is a must. We have two great face masks with active ingredients to really give glow to dull winter skin» says Solvår and recommends:

«Ripar Regenerating mask renews skin while removes makeup and dead skin cells and works well for all skin types. Ripar Gommage with AHA acids gently erase dull, dead skin cells, removes excess sebum and other impurities leaving your skin silky smooth and radiant and helps acne and pigmentation. To reduce hyper pigmentation, you should also use RiparClear Day Cream SPF 30 and protect the skin against UV radiation» says Solvår.

Ripar 1
Ripar massage cream and oil to the left and masks to the right.

«We also stock a good selection for facial creams and serums for all skin types» says Solvår.

«The Caviar series from Ripar is excellent. The creams contain fantastic ingredients that leaves your skin visibly smoother.»

Ripar 2
The Caviar moisturizers comes in 3 different series: for sensitive skin, sun damaged skin and anti-age.

«And of course, to have great skin you need to protect it against the sun. If you feel regular sunscreen products give you bad skin you may safely use the Ripar SPA with SPF 30 for max protection», says Solvår.

«Just make sure you pick the one best suited for your skin type, but the one designed for sensitive skin can safely be used by all.»

A good body lotion should moisturize and leave your skin smooth and supple.

«Our own fave is Ripar Moisturizing Body lotion. The whole family may use it, either after a bath or shower or as an after-sun product. And, we have products in the body series that targets more specific problems like cellulite and saggy skin» says Solvår.

You might spend majority of your time at home these days but keeping up a good beauty regimen feels good. Getting up and going to bed at regular times, showering, picking out nice outfits and putting on makeup are small rituals that will keep you sane through a trying time.

Solvor 11
A coat of your favorite lipstick or a little bit of mascara and eyeliner does wonders for self-esteem. Photo: Styletalk magazine

«The Ripar Cover Crème is one of our most popular products and it covers just about anything you want to cover up. And the eyeliner stays fresh during workouts, swimming and sweating, sun and heat – and happens to be Norwegian boxer champion Cecilia Braekhus’ favorite» says Solvår Hegge, who is used to cater to celebrities as well as regular customers.

Ripar 3

«Even if the liner is long lasting it is also easily removed with your regular eye makeup remover» she says.

Ripar 4The series also have several concealer palettes suitable for most skin types, and the Cover Crème covers just about anything – even tattoos. Fun to play with and if you want inspiration this video might be worth a look:

Ripar & Riae from Ripar Cosmetici on Vimeo.

All products have natural ingredients, are paraben free and non-cruelty – tested on people not animals.

Note: this is NOT a paid advertisement or promotion. Styletalkmagazine loves local businesses and we write about them in hope you will support them through these difficult times. But there will be a life after the corona crisis and if you have a favorite local brand you love and want them to survive, do support them now because they need you.

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