Is this an unhealthy image?

Yes! according to an article in The Guardian . The british newspaper writes that Advertising Standards Authority have banned an advert for fashion brand MaxMara for featuring a model with an “unhealthily thin” and “gaunt” appearance. The Advertising Standards Authority claims to have received three complaints about the ad,  and said the model had been photographed from the side, “drawing attention to the shape of her body and highlighting her very thin frame and the protrusion of her hip bone, which was visible through her dress.” According to The Guardian this is the first time an advert has been banned for featuring an underweight model in 3 years.

Screenshot from The Guardian

“It’s not happened since 2018 when the online retailer Nasty Gal featured a swimwear ad with a model with a prominent ribcage. Other adverts featuring thin models, including those for Pink, Zandra Rhodes, Selfridges and Brand Minerals, have been investigated by the ASA but the complaints were not upheld.” writes The Guardian.

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