Why does anyone want to be a model?

Screencapture from VOGUEs “9 Models on the Pressure to Lose Weight and Body Image”

Jepp, that’s the question we ask ourselves after reading tons of articles and interviews and seeing lots of videos on how models are treated in the fashion industry. What exactly is it that make young people, especially girls, dream about this job? Because, yes it is a job. And probably a cool job with tons of perks at times. But also a tough job where you have to face rejection, humiliation, harassment as much as love, worship and admiration. It is a job that can make you sick both emotionally and physically. So – why does so many girls think this is the ultimate dream job? And – why do we, the consumers accept that advertizing campaigns, runway shows and fashion spreads that features images of people we would never look like or who doesn’t represent us at all? Why do we give them our money? Check these important VOGUE videos out, and ask yourself, your sister, friend, workmate or daughter: do you still really want to become a model?

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