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H&M with a new design collaboration

Today, Wednesday, 13th January, H&M shared the news of a new design collaboration on its Instagram story. But who it is with is not revealed until tomorrow, at 15:00 CET. We in the editorial team have discussed who it might be.

Nothing H&M does is random, and we can expect the video they posted to contain hints about who the designer is. The first thing we noticed was that the background and writing were pink. The video starts with a large X that looks like it’s written on thick paper on a typewriter, and the font used is a typewriter font. Then it zooms out and we see more letters, numbers, and characters. They all constantly change until some of them form words. While the beginning of the video has a vintage feel, the rest is modern technology. Characters are constantly moving, but there seems to be a pattern there and the video looks like it is scrolling down a screen. Most of these characters we can find on any keyboard, but among them there are also many hearts. The video ends with another X.

But what does that mean?

Since the video mixes old and new technology, it may indicate that it is a designer who has been working for a long time. Or possibly someone who mixes new and old, or is inspired by past fashion and designs clothes with a modern twist.

Then there are the hearts and the pink. Here I think of Kate Spade. They make clothes, bags and jewellery and would be able to create a varied collection together with H&M. But the company was founded in 1993, so we can assume they used computers and not typewriters. And I can’t make the X fit.

One designer who has been working since the age of the typewriter, is Vivienne Westwood. She is the queen of Punk and they say that «Pink is the colour of Punk.» In addition, she turns 80 on 8th April, and it would be entirely her style to do a collaboration like this for her 80th.

We can’t wait to find out who it is!

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