Kamala Harris’ VOGUE cover causes social media outrage

This February VOGUE cover of the VP-elect, Kamala Harris, which was recently leaked on social has sparked controversy – because she is portrayed wearing a casual dark Donald Deal suit and her trademark Converse sneakers. She is posing against her sorority colours pink and green, and some thinks its a bad lighting for her as it looks “washed out” and proves photographers are bad at setting lights for people of colour. Stylewise we think the VP-elect looks laidback and cool – much like she was known from her campaign trail. The photo which has sparked social media outrage appears on the print edition of the magazine while the digital edition features Harris wearing what some deem a “more appropriate” pale Michael Kors blazer (photo below). For many, the digital cover is less provocative. But why? We do not really see what all the fuss about the clothes is about, but critiques claim showing the president elect in such a casual style on her first VOGUE cover is diminishing her power. What do you think?

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