TV-series we loved in 2020: Addicction, obsession, nobility – and a killer soundtrack

Watching a great costume drama is a great way to spend time when we ourselves are stuck at home, longing around in our onesies. Hey, it even might make you want to dress up a bit, try some new styles and hairstyles. Let’s take a quick look at what television dramas inspired us the most last year.

The Queen’s Gambit

From the era of bouffant hairstyles, space age fashion and white gogo boots hails “The Queen’s Gambit” – this glossy epic starring the incredibly gorgeous Anya Taylor-Joy as chess prodigy Beth Harmon on her way to stardom and addiction and the challenges of being a young woman in what was very much a man’s world. Dressed in the most killer wardrobe since Joan soared across our small-screens in “Mad Men” many years ago, Beth discovers as a young orphan that she has been blessed with a remarkable talent for chess. The drama is set against the backdrop of the sixties youth revolution and it is no secret that at least one of the Styletalk crew is infatuated with this period – the fashion, music and countercultural scene. Beths iconic sixties fashions – especially her tan and black dress, much inspired by the designs of recently deceased Pierre Cardin  is the brainwork of Berlin-based costume designer Gabriele Binder. As Beth’s success as a chess player grows in the series – the bolder her style choices become. It doesn’t hurt that the series is blessed with a divine soundtrack – we’re talking Thelonious Monk, Peggy Lee, The Kinks, Quincy Jones, Donovan and – a personal retro pop fave: dutch Shocking Blue.

All photos:COURTESY OF NETFLIX © 2020

The Duchess

The british comedy-drama “The Duchess” got very mixed reviews when it launched, but from a pure style-point of view Katherine Ryan’s ecclectic mix of prints, feathers and bling makes for bingeworthy eye candy. “I could have worn almost every single item she wears” said Styletalk’s Hanna Margrethe Enger. Looking back at the endless parade of pattern mixes, plaids, feathers, feathers and furs, funky handbags and slipper type shoes as Ryan lives her life as a single mom juggling career, family, boyfriends and exes it’s like Stevie Nicks and Carrie Bradshaw had a love child. This is pure boho heaven.

All photos: COERTESY OF NETFLIX © 2020

The Crown

“The Crown” Season 4 – it has Diana, Queen of hearts, troubled romance and fashion. Say no more. You may be a fan of eighties vulgarities like big pouf sleeves and meringue style weddig dresses or you may hate it – but there is simply no denying that the costumes and the casting in this series is superb – especially season 4 with princess Diana, portrayed by Emma Corrin, as the jewel in the crown. But there are more bon bons in this box: Gillian Anderson’s conservative diva Maggie- “the milk snatcher”– Thatcher, with her snappy suits, pussybow blouses and carefully coiffed hair is a joy to watch, as is Erin Doherty’s carefully bouffant and slightly tomboyish princess Anne. The most fascinating character in this royal drama and our own style-favourite is undoubtedly princess Margaret. We love Helena Bonham Carter’s portrayal of her as a strong and independent adult woman. But it’s Vanessa Kirby who portrayed Margaret in the first two seasons that makes us swoon with delight. Kirby adds a sexy vulnerability to the character along with some sensational outfits – and is perhaps the one who comes closest to the personality of the real woman who is often thought as the most misunderstood and misinterpreted royal of them all.

A 1980s fashion icon: Princess Diana in her iconic wedding dress.

Princess Diana (EMMA CORRIN). Filming location: Goldsmiths Hall
Princess Diana (EMMA CORRIN). Filming location: Goldsmiths Hall
Princess Diana (EMMA CORRIN). Filming Location: Peter Street, Manchester
Princess Anne (ERIN DOHERTY). Filming location: Wrotham Park
Vanessa Kirby as the young princess Margaret
Helena Bonham Carter as princess Margaret
Margaret Thatcher (GILLIAN ANDERSON). Filming Location: Ardverikie Estate, Kinloch Laggan Newtonmore Inverness-shire. By courtesy of NETFLIX

But then – what series did you like watcking last year? And – even more interesting – which would you like to see in 2021? Write to us – – and tell us! We would love to hear from you.

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