Je m’appelle Emily

This girl got us longing for Paris and the french way of living! Emily (actress Lily Collins) has made us laugh, cry a little bit and drooling for her outfits. After seeing the 10 episodes in season one, all at the same day actually, we want to take the first flight to Paris and eat croissants and sip on french wine. Unfortunatly the world needs to get rid of the pandemic first! If you haven’t seen it yet we truly recommend you to watch «Emily in Paris» at Netflix, its a nice «travel-escape» this days. According to creator Darren Star, the season 2 has not been confirmed, but he has some ideas for it. Our fingers are crossed, and we cant wait for the next seasion. In the meantime you can check out this instagram account.

Emily creates a instagram account in the series. And post happenings that are typically french.
She is dressed in Chic outfits in every episode.

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