Strong body positive message

“Don’t tell the lady on the left to exercise and diet to reduce weight. Don’t tell the lady on the right to eat and feast to put on weight. They both already know it.”

Body image can make or break you. If anyone tell you that you are being selfobsessed and stupid – it hurts because deep inside we know all that – but it still doesn’t always make one feel any better. In an ideal world we would all be strong, self confident and happy with ourselves – but of course, no business can capitalize on that – so that is why no company, magazine or person who has anything to sell will ever truly honestly want you to feel good about yourself 100 %. Want to understand how shit works in this world? Follow the money!

We can change all that though. We can simply start supporting each other and give each other great feedbacks. We can stop being judgemental, jelous or opinionated with your own and other people’s appearances – and rather celebrate diversity in every shape, form and colour. Because – all sizes matter!

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