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Cabin fever during corona lock down? Visit your fave retro style net shops

Pinup 15Yep, it’s time for us consumers to support our fave indie shops and local businesses that we love so much. In a world ran by huge corporations’ small businesses add a much-needed diversity that benefits us as consumers, and – they help enable you to create a unique style and to add style flair to your wardrobe. If you want them to survive the current crisis – now is the time to put your money where your mouth is! And imagine – you will come out as the ultimate style icon at the other end of this crisis!

Lise Karlsen poses on Instagram in her shop Manillusion, landmark on Oslo’s east side.

One of our fave locals is Manillusion in Oslo. They specialize in retro style clothing and run a shop that has become a landmark on Oslo’s east side.

The owner and entrepreneur Lise Karlsen – herself very active in the shop daily directs your attention to their net shop.


«Net shopping might very well be what will help us through this crisis, but we also take non-touch-payments like Norwegian Vipps – for those who are brave enough to go out. We also offer free postage for Norwegian shoppers and if you are quarantined you are welcome to come pick up your purchases personally once you are cleared if you prefer», says Lise.


She underlines the importance of going about life as normal as possible, even if stuck at home.

«We dress up, put on makeup and do our daily routines, and find that is the best way to cope right now» says Lise Karlsen.


In Drammen, a small town south of Oslo Sunniva Ferrada runs Retropiken – another fashion boutique popular among the fashionistas in favor of vintage and retro-styles.

Pinup 18
Sunniva Ferrada runs Retropiken in Drammen Photo: Patrick Worthington

Their net shop is currently being stocked with goodies for the happy shoppers, and only last week Sunniva posted this message on the shops’ Instagram account:

«Dear friends, we need you now! I don’t mean to beg. But the fact of the matter is that we are open, but no one comes in at the present. So, if there is anything we have that you have coveted for a while – this is the time to act, especially if you would like this boutique to survive. It is not dangerous to come in, we clean and sterilize what we can on daily routines and do all the personal hygiene that is advised. If you are still worried, we can send your purchases in the mail of deliver on your door – and we accept non-touch payment options or PayPal. Message us here or call, and we will help. Thanks so much in advance and please take care. We would love to see you soon.»

Pinup 14
From Retropiken’s many runway shows Photo: Patrick Worthington

The reactions were almost instant.

«Today we have had several of our regular customers come in, which I am super grateful for. But I know it cannot go on like this so we are topping up our net shop with as much merchandise as we can and hope as many as possible will take the opportunity to use it. We promise to be super-flexible when it comes to finding good alternatives for deliveries», says Sunniva.

So – support local businesses where you are. We will survive this!

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